Do it yourself visa applications are less likely to be approved. Australian Immigration law is a complex area and applications that are self-prepared often come up short on appropriate evidence.

Do it yourself jobs

Some things you can do it  yourself in life. Like building a new outdoor barbecue or retro painting an old chair. It might look a little clumsy but no-one is going to mind. Some things though, would look much better done by a professional. Unfortunately, perception is everything when people don’t know you personally. Sadly, people still judge a book by its cover especially when they have not met you and are just going on paper work.

Don’t do it yourself

I had an inside paint job in my home, that I thought would look good with a tidy up. I decided it was a good idea to do a ‘Do it yourself’ painting. The walls were a little chipped and needed a bit of care. I even went so far as to buy new brushes and a brand new tin of paint. Then I spent three hours painting the wall. It was going to be a feature wall and it was going to really tie the room together. The results – total nightmare.

Lesson Learnt

It was so awful because I did not know what I was doing. The paint dripped onto the carpet, the wall colour was horrible with everything else in the room. I had to pay a professional to repaint it back to its original colour. He took one look at it and said kindly-“I get a lot of Do it Yourself  do overs’. The painter took twenty minutes to do a job I had spent all day on. Lesson learnt!

If you are looking to do it yourself then get a Free Assessment from our lawyer. You might find that getting a preofessional to handle your Australian visa application is both wise and cost effective.

Security Matters

When it comes to important things like immigration visas, don’t Do it yourself. You could risk not getting the approval for the visa and really stuffing things up for your loved ones. Your family and your partner are number one if your life. Don’t take chances with a dodgy visa application, when you can pay a professional service to do it in half the time.

Value add to Your life

Whilst I ended up paying twice the amount on my home interior wall painting, I learnt a valuable lesson. I should spend more time on the jobs that matter in my life and that I know how to do well. So I am going to  leave the hard stuff to someone that knows what they are doing. I will save the Do it yourself jobs to  the things that are not so important. You can save money, time and run around research just by giving the job to a professional immigration service. Get on with living and outsource the risk. What are you waiting for?

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