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Slow Travel in Tasmania

The foodie will take great delight when travelling in Tasmania. From beautiful food, seafood and wineries- Tasmania has it all.  You can start off in Hobart and  enjoy the Salamanca Markets. Hobart’s cooler days make summer time travel a breeze. Even in Spring ,you can enjoy snow on Mount Wellington. It is a great break from the heat of the other states. The Gardens in Hobart are full of colourful flowers. One of the best visual feasts is the amazing gallery of modern art or ‘Mona’ as it’s known to the locals. Tasmania is home to some great restaurants. Make sure that if you are travelling with your loved one to take a romantic trip down to the Huen Vally home to great food.

Active Holiday

For those looking for adventure, try the famous walks at Freycinet National Park East Tasmania – Wineglass Bay. There are many walks around Tasmania and it is home to mountain bike travel as well as some great ski resorts. Try Kayaking or swimming. The Franklin river displays natural wilderness.

Road Trips

Coastal Road trips are a favourite for travellers and you can stop off at cute farms and coastal restaurants. Make sure you bring a camera.

What special about travel in Tasmania?

If wining and dining are not enough, there is some great festivals in Tasmania that include comedy and music. If you’re down in Hobart in Winter be sure to check out the “Dark Mofo” with its lovely fires and warm winter events. The ‘Fall’s Festival’ in the summer months gets many musical acts. All in all, your travel in Tasmania will be a memorable one. it’s even better to share with your loved ones.

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