Wow. Time flies when your having fun and you will have fun travelling in Australia any time of the year, read on for more details on

  • Best weather in Australia
  • What to do and see in any season
  • What the greatest place is in Winter
  • The best place in Australia to be in Summer months

Seasonal Travel in Australia

There are many choices for seasonal travelling in Australia. Most people have Christmas Holidays and many people follow school holiday calendars when they decide seasonal travel in Australia. The school holidays are two weeks around Easter, two weeks in winter, which is June and July. Students get six to eight weeks break over summer that matches Christmas and New Year. They also get two weeks in Spring,

Annual Seasonal Festivals when travelling in Australia

Australia has many music festivals, comedy, Arts, sports festivals and food and wine festivals. Each state and territory is known to put on a world class festival to bring in tourists. Some of the highlights are the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Woodford Folk Festival, GARMA -Northern Territory Indigenous festival and Sydney’s Flicker Fest- a film festival. These are just a few of the many festivals you can find when you choice seasonal travel in Australia.

What to see and do

Make your seasonal travel plans in Australia great in every season. In Summer go swimming or snorkelling. In Winter go to the ski fields. Spring can have some wonderful Race meetings, spring carnivals and flower shows. In Autumn you can enjoy seafood festivals, international jazz festivals and some states are still warm enough to enjoy the beautiful beaches that Australia travel has to offer in every season.

Busy times

Usually the school holidays will bring prices into peak highs. Time your holidays away from school holidays and you can expect to pay lower prices and have less crowds when travelling. Most of the tourist areas will have cleared during school times and you can enjoy your break without the cues and traffic.

Seasonal Weather Travel in Australia

The temperature across the country can range from below zero in the winter months to a balmy and humid forty degrees in the tropics. This is what makes choosing a season to travel in Australia so easy. The best time to go to the far north of Queensland and enjoy the great Barrier Reef,  is in Australian winter when it is not so hot and rainy. Spring is beautiful in Victoria with many gardens putting on a beautiful display of plants. Perth has lovely mediterranean dry springs. Tasmania has cooler summers and outstanding spring produce to enjoy.

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