The Thai Girlfriend Visa Ultimate guide contains everything you need to know to get a visa for your Thai Girlfirend to come to Australia.

How to get a Visitor visa for Thai Girlfriend

You can get a visa for your Thai girlfriend in 5 easy steps:

  1. Contact the OzVisa Group.  Specialist visa processing for Thai women.
  2. OzVisa Group will then prepare and lodge the application.
  3. OzVisa Group will also make her appointment for biometrics
  4. We will also handle all questions from Immigration
  5. We will then send you the approval notice.

Why OzVisa Group is your first choice to bring your Thai girlfriend to Australia

The OzVisa Group is Australia’s leading Visa Service.  Experts in visas from Thailand.

With over 1,000 successful Thai Girlfriend Visa applications. We are the first choice. Helping Australian men bring their Thai girlfriend to Australia. All in under three weeks.

Will immigration approve the visitor visa for my Thai girlfriend?

The best chance of success is with the help of a professional.

OzVisa Group has over 10 years experience. Handling over 1000 visa applications for Thai women.

With over 99% approved. Most self-prepared applications from Thailand are refused. So, don’t risk it. Use our professional visa service.

What to provide for a visitor visa for Thai Girlfriend

Documents for Thai girlfriend visa include: identity, evidence of work or study and employment details. Then , depending in her circumstances, we will need to prove aspects of your relationship. We advise you how. Depending on the case.

Professional visa service for your Thai Girlfriend.

Having your Thai girlfriend’s visa professionally prepared is a must. The advantages of using the OzVisa Group are:

  1. Thai speaking Agent. We can contact your Thai girlfriend and speak to her in Thai. She will feel comfortable about getting a visa with OzVisa Group.
  2. Application lodged in Australia – not Thailand. This means it is dealt with by an Australian. Not a Thai case officer. Who might be jealous about your girlfriend for going to Australia. Australian case officers tend to be more generous.
  3. Your application is handled by a professional. If Immigration have questions, they will ask us. This means we can give them the right answer. This way the visa is more likely to be approved.
  4. Thailand experience. We have spent time in Thailand. And helped over 1000 Thai women come to Australia.
  5. Ongoing advice and support. We will assist you to keep her in Australia.

How long will it take?

OzVisa Group will prepare your Thai girlfriend’s visa in two weeks.  We then submit the application.  Immigration will then take around a week to approve her visa. So, it takes around three weeks in total.

Once approved, she will have three months to use her visa.  She can stay with you in Australia.  For three months. Even longer if you let us know.  We can extend her visa.

We met online can I bring her to Australia?

Online dating has really taken off.  Many Australian men meet their Thai girlfriend online.  It is such a thrill meeting a lovely lady.  Communicating with her.  Seeing her on video chat.  Then they go to Thailand. Meeting their Thai girlfriend. Staying with her.  When they get back to Australia, its time to get a visa for their Thai girlfriend.

Do you want to bring her to Australia?  OzVisa Group can help.  We guide you through the process.  A Thai Girlfriend Visa.  So, you can see her in person – in Australia.

What is the first visa for a lady from Thailand to come to Australia?

The first visa for a Thai girlfriend is a visitor visa.  Also known as a tourist visa.  It allows her to have a holiday.  To spend some time in Australia. With her sponsor.  The visitor visa is granted for three months.  Your Thai girlfriend may also be able to extend this visa while in Australia.

There are some alternatives to a visitor visa.  If you are already married, then you can do a partner visa for your Thai girlfriend.  If you are engaged, you can do a fiance visa.  Also known as a prospective marriage visa.

What are the requirements for a Thai Girlfriend Visa?

The requirements for a Thai girlfriend Visa. There are two main requirements. Sponsorship and then the genuine visitor rule.

Sponsorship requirements for Thai girlfriend visa

To sponsor your Thai  girlfriend for a visa to Australia you must be Australian or a New Zealander.  So, this means Australian citizen or Permanent resident.  Or a New Zealand citizen living in Australia.  The sponsor provides the money.  So, you need to show you have enough funds to support your Thai girlfriend.  While she stays with you in Australia.

You will need to show a bank account with enough money.  If you have a job, you won’t need to show that much in the bank.  Immigration will be happy that you have money coming in.

The genuine visitor requirements for Thai girlfriend visa

The reasons for travel must be real. Your Thai girlfriend must convince immigration. That she is coming to Australia for tourism.  Not to work.  Not to stay longer than three months.  How do you prove this?

OzVisa Group has been processing Thai visa applications for over 10 years.  We have experience in proving the reasons for travel to Immigration. If your Thai girlfriend has no job.  If she has no money in the bank.  Then you need a professional.  We can get that visa for you.  When no-one else can.

Making a Thai girlfriend’s visa application

We will handle the application from start to finish.  We will ask you both for some identity documents.  Passport, drivers licence etc.  Then bank statement from the sponsor.  Then we will begin showing Immigration that you meet the rules. This all takes about 10 days.  Then we submit the application to Immigration.  It takes them around 10 days to give their approval.

Your Thai girlfriend will not need to visit Immigration. We lodge the application in Australia.  This means Immigration will ask us questions – not your girlfriend. We are legal experts.  So we will answer their questions properly.  Making no mistakes.

Travelling to Australia

After your Thai  girlfriend’s visa is approved, we continue to help. We will provide travel advice.  Thai women leaving the Thailand can experience hassles and delays.  We will tell you how to avoid all of this. We tell you if you need to book a return flight.  And when. We tell you how she will need to pay departure tax.  And we will advise you if she needs to attend to anything before she leaves.  She might want to bring some documents.  If you are planning on her living permanently in Australia.  Documents that can then be used in future visa applications.

Conditions of Thai girlfriend visa

We will advise you about the conditions on her visa.  Make sure that you understand. There are some conditions that can be on the visa.

No work

A now work condition is standard on a visitor visa.  A visitor visa is for tourism. Not work.  The no work condition can be removed.  All it takes is an application to Immigration.

No Study

A no study condition is standard on a visitor visa.  It does not mean no study at all.  It means that you cannot enrol in a course longer than 3 months.

Staying in Australia

Your Thai girlfriend’s visa will tell you how long she can stay.  If you’re in doubt we will explain. Three months is the normal time.  For the first Thai girlfriend visa to Australia.  This is in calendar months.  So, if she arrives on 1 January she can leave on 1 April.

You also have the option to extend.  A Thai lady may stay on a visitor visa for 12 months.  So if you want to stay longer.  Instead of returning to the Thailand.  Then we can have your Thai girlfriend’s visa extended.

How long can my Thai girlfriend stay on a visitor visa?

A visitor visa allows your Thai girlfriend to stay three months.  At the end of her stay she needs to return to the Thailand. If you want, you can extend her stay in Australia.

Extending your Thai Girlfriend Visa

Your Thai girlfriend can stay longer in Australia.  She needs to apply for an extension. She can apply for a total stay on 12 months. If you want to extend your visa, then contact the OzVisa Group. We will make sure you meet all the requirements.  To extend your Thai girlfriend’s visa.  So that she can stay with you in Australia.

Partner visa for Thai girlfriend

A partner visa allows your Thai girlfriend stay with you permanently. You can apply as a fiance, a de facto or a married couple. If your Thai girlfriend is in Australia.  When you apply.  She gets to stay here while you wait for the partner visa.

Marriage visa for Thai girlfriend

Married to a Thai lady? You can apply for a partner visa for her to live with you. The marriage visa for a Thai lady takes around 15 months to get. If you apply while she is in Australia she gets to stay until the decision.

De facto visa for Thai girlfriend

The de facto visa is like the marriage visa.  Its just that you are not married yet.  Sometimes it is not possible to marry.  Maybe she is already married.  You can still get a de facto visa for your Thai girlfriend.

Fiance Visa for Thai girlfriend

A fiance visa is for engaged couples.  You can get a permanent visa for her to come to Australia.  You must marry within 9 months of getting the visa grant.

Permanent Residence visa for Thai girlfriend

Two years later, she can apply for permanent residence. This means updating Immigration with everything that has expired.  Police certificates, Health checks and statements.

Sponsorship requirements for Thai Girlfriend Visa

Your Thai girlfriend will need a sponsor.  This can be you as her boyfriend. You will need to have met her in person.

Meeting and chatting on the internet is not enough.

As her sponsor you do not have any legal requirements.  However, you must show immigration that your relationship is real and that you will provide for her financially.

We have written a complete article on how to sponsor after immigration refused your Thai girlfriend’s visa.

Australian citizenship for Thai girlfriend

Your Thai girlfriend can apply for Australian citizenship.  She needs to have been in Australia for at least 4 years.  With the last 12 months as a permanent resident. Small amounts of time are allowed outside Australia including three months in the last 12 months.

Is a lawyer required to get a Thai Girlfriend Visa?

We have both Registered Migration Agents and lawyers who can assist with your application.  Please let us know which you prefer.

Why do Australian men love Thai women?

Thai women are kind and caring.  They give everything they have to take care of their boyfriend. Thai women have a gentle nature.  It is easy to keep a Thai lady happy. Have a comment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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