A Registered Migration Agent can help you get a visa. To bring your girlfriend to Australia or a Partner visa to let her live in Australia. So, what is a Registered Migration Agent? Why you should use one? We also reveal the biggest secret. To ensure the approval of your girlfriend’s visa.

What is a Registered Migration Agent?

A Registered Migration Agent is a Government approved agent. With specialist knowledge of Australian Immigration Law. The agent will work with you. Advise you of the best visa option. Then handle the application.

How to find a Registered Migration Agent?

The Australian Government keeps a register of Agents. You can find out if your agent is registered at the MARA website. Enter the agent’s surname. The website then tells you their status. Registered or not!

Most agents overseas are not registered. So be careful. There is no way you can report them. For example, if the visa application is refused,  then they have your money and you have no rights!

In Australia, both the Code of Conduct and the Australian Consumer Law apply. The Agent is also guaranteed to meet all requirements of he Australian Government. For registration as an Agent. To help people migrate properly to Australia.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

Your visa application is more likely to be successful if you use a Registered Migration Agent. Why? Because a Registered Migration Agent has expert knowledge of the law. There are also other reasons why you should use an Australian agent:

  1. A Registered Migration Agent must also follow a Code of Conduct. This means if the agent breaches the code, then you can report them.
  2. Professional indemnity insurance is mandatory.. So there’s a dispute, the agent’s insurance can pay you compensation.  An overseas agent will probably move office and you will never find them again!
  3. Finally, to maintain registration, a Registered Agent must complete continuing education every year. By doing so, the agent ensures that their legal knowledge is up to date. Australian law changes quickly. Most overseas agents use old forms, old techniques and are unaware of the latest developments in Australian law. They are also very hard to contact if your application goes wrong!

The biggest secret for visa success.

Immigration actually give priority to applications prepared by Registered Agents. Why? Because part of the application is your sponsorship. So, if you are serious about sponsorship, then you will also spend the money to use a Registered Agent. The Immigration case officer will then see this. And then your girlfriend’s visa is more likely to pass.

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