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Snow Season

There are many places that you can go to experience the snow in Australia. The weather is getting cooler and it’s time to bring out the jumpers and the ski boots.  It’s also time to start planning your next ski experience.

Dates of Snow Seasons

The typical snow season in Australia ranges from late June to September. Sometimes it can go into October if the snow is good for that season. There are many places to ski and experience the snow. You can visit resorts in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Some of the more popular ski resorts are Mt Bulla in Victoria, Thredbo in New South Wales and Perisher in New South Wales.

Getting your Holiday visa for the Snow

Getting a tourist visa for the snow season has never been easier. Make sure you go with a qualified immigration agent and you and your loved one will be making a ‘Snow Angels’  in no time. Some of the bigger resorts cater for beginner ski groups so make sure you check out any packages they may offer. This goes with ski lift card packages as well. Sometimes they will have a daily, weekly or seasonal ski lift card. Just be sure to get your timing right so that you can practise at the beginner field. Don’t buy ski lift cards  as a beginner.  A ski resort has beginners close by for easy access.

First time Ski

You can hire a season pass, beginner skiing lessons and clothing from most resort. They usually have package deals and some ski fields will have accommodation. If you are a beginner, its best to book at least three days in the snow so you can get the hand of skiing. It takes about three days to get your balance and get used to moving about with ski gear on. If you are a first timer , you might be surprised to find that you are up and skiing in two to three days. Children  get the knack of skiing even quicker due to their centre of gravity. Give it a go with your loved one and you can cosy up by the fire in the evenings and look forward to your next day of skiing adventure.

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