An Australian Tourist Visa can be granted for three, six or twelve months. So, what will you get? Whats the secret to a longer stay?

Your first Australian Tourist Visa

Many people ask if they can stay longer in Australia. They want to get more than three months on their first Australian Tourist Visa. Well, the length of the visa is up to Immigration.  They will grant you what they think is right.

Usually you will get three months. If you get longer, it will probably be broken into stays of three months. For example, you could get a twelve-month visa with each stay only three months. This means that you need to leave Australia. Before the end of three months. The only advantage is that you can come back for another three months without a new application.

After your first Australian Visa

The first visa application is always the hardest. Immigration do not know the applicant.  There is no record of compliance yet. After you get your first Australian Tourist Visa, immigration will know you. They have a record that you are likely to do the right thing. That is, you will go home on time and you won’t work in Australia.

So, it is a good strategy to apply for three months. Then if you want to extend your stay you can do so. After you show Immigration you are trustworthy. Applying for a long stay might raise concerns with immigration. They might think that you intend to stay. That you have intentions other than just tourism.

If you are in a long-term relationship already, you can apply for a Partner visa – so she can live in Australia.

Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand

Thai applicants normally get three months.. They will also get condition 8503.  So there is no way to etend their visa.

Older applicants or applicants who are married and have already applied for a partner visa are likely to get longer. You Thai wife will get a 12-month multiple entry visa if you have already applied for a Partner visa.

Tourist Visa from the Philippines

Applicants from the Philippines will get three months. There is no restrction on Filipino visas to Australia. So, your Filipino girlfriend can extend her stay. Contact us toward the end of her stay in Australia.

Cambodian Tourists in Australia

Similar to the Philippines, most Cambodian tourists will get a three-month stay in Australia. There will be no restriction on applying again in Australia. You must ensure you lodge a convincing application – showing strong ties to Cambodia. This way you can convince immigration that she will comply with all conditions of her Australian Tourist Visa.

Vietnamese Tourists in Australia

Tourist visa holders from Vietnam are usually given three months to stay in Australia. There will be no restriction on her, so she can apply to extend her stay in Australia. Remember through that an application to extend her visa must be for tourist activity – not to simply continue her de facto relationship with her boyfriend.

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