Visa Success

In this article you will read all about how to have Visa Success. Read how Success is easy with the rights tips Making visa application easy Getting the right advise for your partner's visa Success together starts online I want to tell you about my visa success. I had never had much success with other

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Easy Visa to Australia

Once upon a time This is a story about easy visa applications. Tim met a beautiful lady on a trip to the Philippines. Her name was Genna and she worked in the conference centre Tim was visiting for his work. Genna and Tim began to date and Genna took care of all Tim’s days

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Losing My Girlfriend: Dave’s Story – OzVisa Group

Hereis Daves story. read about how he ultimately had success with his girlfriend's visa. Read about how Dave avoided loosing his girlfriend avoided the pitfalls of Visa application Had success with his girlfriend's visa How you can do the same Dave's Story Hi I'm Dave and I wanted to share my story of losing

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Best Visa Service

Why it's important to use Australia's best visa service. When you're talking the rest of your life you need to invest in the best visa service there is. Sometimes its not just you and your partner but relatives, children, family and friends that are changed by your new partnership. It pays to have someone

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New Partner Visa: Bea and Terry’s Story

WIth a New Partner Visa, Bea and Terry can now live together in Australia. They decided to give us some details about why they chose Ozvisa Group to handle their new Partner Visa Application. Why we got a New Partner Visa for Australia Bea and myself (Terry) decided it was time to commit to

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Married in Australia: Pat and Rose’s Story

Married in Australia When Rose and I planned to marry in Australia, we had to apply for a Visa for Rose. After asking around, a mate told me about Ozvisa Group. They easily got Rose's visa and the whole process was very smooth. It was such a relief to hand the visa application over

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Australian Visa for Cambodian Wife

Australian Visa for Cambodian Wife Brian is a truck driver. He is an Australian guy. From the Gold Coast. His wife is from Cambodia. They have one son. His wife also has a daughter. Brian contacted the OzVisa Group: he wants his wife and two children to live in Australia. After all, they are

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