Your Filipina Girlfriend is unlikely to get an Australian visa if she applies by herself. How can a lawyer help? And what do you have to do to sponsor her?

Filipina Girlfriend Australian Visa: Why does she need a sponsor?

To get an Australian Visitor visa you need to show that she will return to her home country. Unfortunately, records show that a many Filipino women come to Australia and then fail leave.

If you are already in a long term relationship then you can apply for a Partner Visa. She will need you to sponsor her for this visa too.


It is not enough to say that she will go home. You have to prove it.  Immigration will not take the risk. If there is any doubt. The Department is under instruction to nrefuse entry into Australia if there is any doubt that they will breach their visa conditions. So how do you prove that you will go home?  How do you convince immigration that you will do something in the future?


There is no way to prove that you will do something in the future. We are all human beings with free will. This means that we can say one thing and then do something different. So the secret to convincing immigration is through advocacy. This means presenting you case in a convincing way – to pursuade the case officer that you are genuine.

Filipina Girlfriend Australian Visa: is pursuasion actually lying?

You can pursuade someone of something that is not true but thats not what we are trying to do.  We are trying to convince the case officer that she will do what she promises. Its not lying at all.  It necessary though because if the case officer is not convinced, then they will not give her a visa. The statistics are against you – you need to be pursuasive.

Lawyers are trained to convince

Apart from being thorough, having high attention to detail and excellent knoweledge of the law, a lawyer is trained to advocate for their client. This is why a lawyer is more likely to be successful in getting an Australian visa for your Filipina girlfriend than a Migration Agent. Or anyone else for that matter.

Your Filipina girlfriend must have a sponsor

Even a lawyer can’t get her a visa without a sponsor. So this is where you come in.  It is not necessary to be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident but you must have a good connection with Australia. For example you might be a New Zealand citizen who has lived in Australia for years. Perhaps you are in Australia on a temporary visa with a good job and you have a long-term Fiipina girlfriend. Then you should be able to sposnor her for an Australian visit.

Filipina Girlfriend Australian Visa: Sponsorship

To sposnor her, you must show that you are in a relationship.  This will give immigration a reason to believe that she is really coming to Australia for a visit.  A lawyer can document your relationship history and provide compelling evidence to Immigration.

Finally, as a sponsor you will need to show that you can take care of your Filipina girlfriend. This means you need to have some funds or a regular income.  You need to be of good character.  How do you show Immigration these things?

If you are not confident you can show Immigration 100% that you are genuine in your sponsorship. That your relationship is strong. That she will return to the Philipines. Then you should consider engaging one of Australia’s finest Immigration lawyers to handle your case. And ensure that your Filipina girlfriend gets her Australian visa.

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