Has your mother always told you not to expect find new love from someone you meet in a bar? We have all heard this advise over and over again right. Read

  • Where the best places to find new love in this day and age are
  • What research says about how to find lasting love
  • What to avoid in finding new love

Best Place to Find New Love – Number Five

Hotel Resort-It’s a bit more up market then a sleazy bar. Often the lighting is better too , so you can see who you are talking to. Often waiters will be there to help with language questions.

Best Place to Find New Love – Number Four

Through a friend of a friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend. If your friend is meeting their new love, ask if they can bring along a friend for you. It’s so easy to meet a new person that someone you trust can vouch for.

Best Place to Find New Love – Number Three

At a wedding-Love is the focus of a wedding. you’re usually dressed up and looking good. Family or friends can introduce you to that special someone. If your host is smart,  they will arrange sitting positions that you are next to someone available.

Best Place to Find New Love – Number Two

On holiday. everyone is usually relaxed. There is a feeling of adventure when you meeting new people in places that you have never been before. Best of all they have not met you before. So your history is completely fresh to them.

Best Place to Find New Love – Number One

Online wins hands down. It’s convenient, you’re casting a wider net all over the world if you want. You can remain distant until you are certain and avoid time wasters. You can get in contract with someone with one click. Of all the visa applications that have been through Ozvisa Group , the Number One meeting place has been online dating app or messenger service. You can keep in contact with your new love even when your not there in person.

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