Travelling around Australia is a dream for most. Rob tells his story about how Ozvisa Group helped him bring his wife and kids to Australia and their trip of a lifetime.

Travelling around Australia on a Holiday Visa

Hi, my name is Rob. I would like to tell you about my experience in Holidaying in Australia with my new family visas. I met Jen in the Philippines over five years ago. It was a world wind romance. We quickly decided that she should come and see my home and go Travelling around Australia. I wanted her to meet my friends and family. I also wanted her kids- Chris,Daniel and Jasmine to visit as well.

Best Holiday tips with Children in Australia

To organise four holiday visa’s, whilst I was working full time, was tricky and that’s why I searched around to find an easier way. This led me to Ozvisa Group and boy was I happy that I left something as complicated as this to the expert!  We were on our way to the best Holiday we have ever had. Jen and the kids agree that their time in Australia was one of the highlights of their life. We shared a great deal of happy moments Travelling around Australia.

True Blue Aussie Fun

We did the well known tourist places like the Great Barrier reef and Sydney but we also had a great camping trip out to Fraser Island in Queensland. One of the other fun attractions we went to was staying at Seaworld. The kids played in the waterslides and got to see Aussie marine life up close. The kids enjoyed Australian food and the friendly people. They made some new friends at the beach and played cricket in a local park. It bought me back to my own Aussie childhood and the endless hours I spent trying to score one hundred runs in cricket.

Jen and Rob’s Plans

The whole holiday and visa process was so smooth that we now have plans to join up and go Travelling around Australia again. Jan and I can’t wait to see each other and the kids can’t wait to get back and try some different waterparks. I’ve bought some new beach cricket gear that will be a sure hit with the kids. Planning future holidays is so much more enjoyable when I know that visas are taken care of. I would recommend to anyone to go through a visa agent like Ozvisa Group, so you can concentrate on more important things like Beach Cricket!

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