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Success together starts online

I want to tell you about my visa success. I had never had much success with other people dating let alone applying for important things like visa. Jami and I met online. She was working in Vietnam and I was working in Australia.  I messaged Jami and asked her if she would like to chat. Things just snapped into place after that and I contacted Jami everyday.We talked about all sorts of things. Her English was fine with a little help. We were soon chatting about food, relationships, family, hopes and dreams. We had a lot in common and our relationship was growing stronger everyday. Jami was one special gal and I we planned to meet each other in person. I really wanted to have a great holiday with her and we needed to create visa success together to strengthen our relationship.

Easy Does it Meeting in Person

We decided for us to have success together we would just meet one or two times at the start of the holiday. We would give us a chance to back out if we had any doubts.Sometimes reality is not like online. So I went out to meet her in Vietnam. Needless to say we got on like a house on fire. Jami was great, she helped me around her home town.  I met her family and friends and we had a fantastic two weeks together. I couldn’t wait to see her everyday and learn more about her.

Living on a Prayer

Sadly, I had to return to work in Australia. It hurt so much to say goodbye to Jenni. I vowed that I would return to Vietnam as soon as I could. Although we contacted each other everyday, it was not the same as being really there with the person. It was the secret of our success together. Love was like a plant it needed attention everyday. I managed to get back to Vietnam and to cut a long story short,  we were very much in love. We started planning a trip to Australia for Jenni.I prayed that the visa application would be ok and invested in an immigration agent to do all the hard work for me. I just wanted to make sure that I could see my gal again. In the meantime I went back to Vietnam.

Floating on Air-gaining visa success together

We could spend quality time  just furthering our relationship and enjoying our love for each other. So we spent the most  successful and unforgettable ten days together. Jami and I went sight- seeing, dined together and enjoyed travelling . We waited to hear  about the visa application for Jenni into Australia. I will never forget being able to email her the good news that her visa was granted for a three month stay . The success we felt to be together again was great.

Up and Away

On the 14th of February 2018, Jami arrived at the Melbourne Airport she was very happy that she was now in Australia. We celebrated our success together. It was a really special day for Jami and I because she met my family and friends at a  lunch.We spent the rest of the months touring Victoria and New South Wales. It was a truly a very special time in both our lives. What a great way to spend Valentine’s Day.We are planning even more Australian Holidays for Jami, now that she knows that she is supported and loved by me and my family, she can’t wait to get back out to Australia.

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