To get an Australian Tourist visa, you need to know the requirements. Your application needs to show that you meet each requirement.

In this article I discuss:

  • what an Australian tourist visa is;
  • the requirements for an Australian Tourist visa; and
  • some tips on how you can show you meet the requirements.

What is an Australian Tourist Visa?

An Australian Tourist visa is also known as a Visitor visa. It allows you to visit Australia for a holiday or to see family.  So, if you want to visit Australia for a holiday, you apply for a tourist visa.  Also, if you want to go to Australia to stay with your boyfriend, you apply for an Australian Tourist visa.

Firstly, the application is made to the Department of Home Affairs. They are Australian Immigration.

If you are in a longer relationship already, you can apply for a Partner visa so your girlfriend or wife can live with you in Australia.

A Case Officer will look at the Australian Tourist visa application and then decide if you meet the requirements.  So, what are the requirements?

Requirements for Australian Tourist Visa

There are two main requirements for an Australian tourist visa. Firstly, you need to show you have enough money to visit Australia. This means you will need to show Immigration your bank account or some pay slips.

Next you must show that you can meet the conditions of the visa. The conditions on an Australian tourist visa are that you are a genuine visitor. You will leave Australia on time and you won’t work.

If you think that you might struggle to meet any of these requirements, then use a Registered Migration Agent.  The Agent can tell you if you can still get the visa. For example, if you don’t have money in the bank. It is ok if your sponsor (your boyfriend or husband) can show the money in his bank instead.

A Registered Migration Agent can give you an expert opinion on whether you will be able to meet the requirements. If your girlfriend is from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia then you should use a specialist Migration Agent.  Someone who has been making visa applications from those countries for years. These applications require a specialist.

The easy way to get an Australian Tourist Visa

If you’re serious about sponsoring your girlfriend for an Australian visa, then you should be happy to pay for an expert to handle the application. Immigration will see that your sponsorship is strong.  Stronger than if you just tell her to make the application herself.  Most applications self-prepared fail. Because your girlfriend is not an expert and most likely will not know how to show she meets the requirements for an Australian tourist visa.

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