Love is Better the second time around

Nowadays people are able to meet others from all parts of the world and fall in love. Relationships can start up online so easily.  Sometimes life can throw you curve balls. A broken heart can be mended by placing some adventure and fun into your life. Why live with regrets when you can fill your precious life with people who are ready to love again.

Jye was a gentle man in his middle years who had lost his wife suddenly. His whole community rallied around him to help him and his family through a really tough time. After a while , Jye sought companionship and wanted to share his life again with someone. His family was so pleased because they loved him and believed he deserved the best in his life. Whilst on Holiday in Vietnam, Jye partnered with a special person Chau and they shared happy memories together.

Love is sweeter

Some say that love is sweeter the second time around. Certainly we can gain from experience. A second chance means  we don’t take for granted the special relationships we can forge with others. Approaching a relationship with maturity and wisdom can sweeten life for everybody involved. Disregard the naysayers and take some risks, it is worth it for more love in your life.

Take the risk

Just because one relationship has ended doesn’t have to mean you have to live your life without joy. Take the risk of meeting other people and socialising.

A better life for all those in love

Jye supported his new love into Australia by arranging the appropriate visas. When his family met his new love they were so happy to see him happy. After meeting family and friends, Jye and Chau have set up a new life together and it was all because Jye took risks to be happy again.

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