Want to sponsor your girlfriend for an Australian Visa? Most visa applications for a girlfriend or wife will need an Australian sponsor.

You can sponsor your grlfriend for a Visitor visa or for a Partner visa – so that she can live with you in Australia.

In this article I discuss:

  • how to sponsor your girlfriend;
  • requirements to sponsor for an Australian visa; and
  • the most important factor to get your girlfriend an Australian visa.

How to Sponsor your Girlfriend

The OzVisa Group has been helping Australian men bring their girlfriend’s to Australia for over 10 years.

Firstly, to sponsor your girlfriend for her Australian visa you will need to be employed or have enough money to support her trip to Australia.

Next, you need to show immigration your intentions are genuine. That she is coming to Australia to visit you because you are in a relationship.

And finally, there is one thing that most people forget when they try a visa application for their girlfriend. I will talk about this below, something that can make all the difference between visa approved and visa refused.

Show Money to Sponsor your Girlfriend’s Australian Visa

Firstly, you must show that you can sponsor your girlfriend financially while she uses the visa. This means showing Immigration your savings account. You can also show you have a job.

If your sponsor your girlfriend,  she will not need to show her finances. So if she doesn’t have any job.  If she doesn’t have money.  Then it doesn’t matter because you are the sponsor.  You can show Immigration you can provide for her instead.

Sponsor your Girlfriend with a Strong Relationship History

Next, to sponsor your girlfriend for an Australian visa you will need to show that your relationship is strong. This means you must have met her in person. If you haven’t, there is no chance you can sponsor her. She will then need to apply for the visa alone.

Requirements to Sponsor Your Girlfriend for an Australian Visa

You should also show Immigration you will provide accommodation. And that you will pay for her flights to Australia and back.

If you live with someone else then you really should have their permission. For you to sponsor your girlfriend to live in their house.

The One Key Visa Requirement that Most Applicants Forget

Finally, there is one key requirement that most people forget. I have been making visa applications for over 10 years.  When people ask me what is the one thing that I need to know to sponsor my girlfriend? I answer that to sponsor your girlfriend properly you should use a professional visa service.

Using a successful agent gives you a big advantage. It show Immigration that you care about your girlfriend. They are then more likely to accept your application to sponsor your girlfriend!

If you just tell her to go ahead and make her own application.  Immigration will also see that you don’t really care if the application is successful or not.

Using a visa agent shows immigration that you are very serious about getting her visa.  It makes all the difference. Why would Immigration believe that you are gong to take care of her when you don’t want to spend money on her application? 

If you want the visa. If you want to sponsor your girlfriend, then you should also spend the money on an agent. To show Immigration you are totally committed to her and to getting her visa approved.

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