Want a 12-month tourist visa? A visa where your girlfriend can stay in Australia for a year.

In this article I discuss:

  • how long your giflriend’s Australian visa will last;
  • why Immigration gives multiple entry visas; and
  • the secret to getting a 12-month visa for your girlfriend or wife.

How long will my girlfriend’s tourist visa last?

A tourist visa to Australia is usually for three months. The time start when the holder enters Australia. When granted the tourist visa, you will have a few months to use it. So you should only book flights when the visa is granted. Once in Australia, the visa can be extended. Provided there is no condition 8503 no further stay on the visa.

Can I apply for a longer visa?

It is possible to get a twelve month visa. You request it in the application. Be careful though because Immigration may think you are staying too long to be a tourist. If they think this, then you will get no visa at all.

There are three different types of tourist visa:

  1. A single entry 3-month visa. This is most common when applying for the first time.
  2. A multiple entry 12-month visa. This means you can come and go from Australia for a year. But the longest you can stay on any trip is still three months.
  3. A 12 months multiple entry with no restriction. This is the visa that lets her stay in Australia for the full year without needing to leave at all.

The other option if you are looking for her to stay longer is a Partner visa.

How do I get a 12-month visa for my girlfriend?

You will only get a 12-month tourist visa if you make the application using a Registered Migration Agent.

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