Your girlfriend’s visa is approved and she’s ready to travel to Australia. You want to make sure it all goes smoothly. Here we list some issues your girlfriend can face while travelling to Australia alone. So you can ensure her travel to Australia is easy.

Book a return flight

When your girlfriend visits Australia she needs a return flight. Without one, she will not travel to Australia. In the past many ladies have come on visitor visas only to stay past the expiry date of their visa. It is actually the airline that will prevent her from boarding. They are under strict instruction to deny boarding to Australian visitors with no return flight.

The return flight needs to be booked to occur within the visa period. So, for example, if he has a three month visa, you need to book a retun flight to travel within the three months.

If you want her to travel to Australia and then stay, perhaps by applying for an extenion, then she still needs a return flight. This can be expensive – to book a flight that you won’t use. So often it is a good idea to book a retun flight with a carrier who will refund 100% of the fee upon cncellation. This way you can cancel the return flight once she arrives in Australia. Sneaky but entirely legal.

She needs Money to travel to Australia

Most airports have a departure tax, so ensure she has cash on her while she travels. It is also a good idea because having some money means that you can buy snacks etc to occupy yourself if you have to wait for your flight.

Her Australian Visa

Australian immigration store her visa on computer. There is no visa stamp. So when she arrives in Australia and shows her passport – they will know she has a visa. Authorities at airports in other countries do not have access to Australian Immigration computes. So they will not know she has an Australian visa. It is important that she prints a copy of her Australian visa. To use as proof.

Philippines CFO requirements for travel to Australia

Finally, a Filipino lady is not allowed to leave the Philippines on a permanent migrant visa without attending a CFO seminar. The seminar lasts about 2 hours and ‘teaches’ her about life abroad. After attending, she will get a stamp in her passport. She can only pass through immigration control in the Philippines if she has a stamp.

Only permament visa holders need a stamp. So, if your girlfriend is coming to Australia on a visitor visa, then she does not need a stamp.

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