Biometrics is an important step in your girlfriend’s visa application. But it is not always required. So what is it, and will your girlfriend need to do it?

What are biometrics?

Biometics is giving fingerprints and face scans. It is an easy process that takes only 10 minutes. It can be requested for Tousit Visa and Partner Visa applications.

Why are biometrics required?

The Australian government wants to ensure the identity of all visa applicants. By taking fingerprints, they can then do checks. This increases the security of Australia.

Will my girlfriend need to do biometrics?

It depends on her nationality and where she is when she applies.

OzVisa Group specialize in visas from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. All these countries require biometrics, except the Philippines. However, be careful, as we will see below, sometimes even Filipino women need to do biometrics.

What is the process?

Your girlfriend will receive a request to do biometrics. She gets 14 days to finish.

In Thailand, she can do her scans in Bangkok or Chaing Mai.

In Vietnam there is 3 centres: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Danang.

Applicants in Cambodia do their scans in Phnom Penh.

You must make a booking. Your Migration Agent or Lawyer will make a booking for her. So she can attend when it suits.

It will cost around $40. Paid in cash at the centre on the day

Does my girlfriend need to do biometrics for her second visa to Australia?

Yes, if your girlfriend is applying from the same country, then she will need to do biometrics again. So, for example, lets say you have a Filipina girlfriend. She lives in Thailand teaching English. Although biometrics is not mandatory for Filipina women. Because she is applying from Thailand she will have to do it. All applications from Thailand must do it.

So it is all about where you are when you apply. Rather than what nationailty you are.

How long after biometrics do we need to wait for my girlfriend’s Australian visa?

Normal waiting time for an Australian tourist visa is 16-30 days. Waiting time varies though, depending on the case load and also the type of application.

What is my girlfriend fails to attend her biometrics?

If you girlfriend fails to attend you should contact us. Failure to provide biometric will lead to visa refusal.  We can contact Immigration.  Telling them you are having issues. We can book another time that suits.

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