Filipino Cupid is one of the most common places for Australian men to meet a Filipino lady. After you fall in love online, its time to meet in person. Then you will also need an Australian Visa to bring your Filipino girlfriend to Australia.

We met on Filipino Cupid

Thousands of Filipino ladies use Filipino Cupid. Its the perfect place to meet an Australian man and start your online relationship.

After a few weeks of talking onlne it will soon become time to meet in person. You can make plans to meet her in the Philippines. You will need to fly to the Philippines and its a good idea to plan a holiday of at least 2 weeks with her.

Meeting your Filipino Cupid Girlfriend in Person

I hear from many Australian men that when they meet their Filipino girlfriend for the first time it is such a thrill. Seeing her for the first time at the airport. Giving her a hug and a kiss and seeing her smile are all things you will never forget.

It is also a great time to meet her friends and family. Take time to to find out about her life. All while you enjoy the sights of the Philippines and the loving company of your new Filipino lady.

Now We Need an Australian Visa

After meeting your Filipino Cupid Girlfriend, most of the time you would like to bring her to Australia. An Australian Visa for your Filipino girlfiend will let her come to Ausatralia for a holiday.

If you have not met your Filipino girlfriend, she will not get a visa. So going to the Philippines is an important step towards getting her an Australian visa.

Bring Her to Australia

Once you have met, it is more likely that Immigration will approve her visa. But remember, that over 70% of applications lodged by Filipino women fail. This is because it is really hard to get a visa for a woman from the Philippines.

Yuu should instead get professional help to ensure her visa is approved.

Life with your Filipino Cupid

After you bring your Filipino girlfriend to Australia she can apply for a Partner visa. This way she can live with you in Australia. Again, getting experienced legal help is essential.

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