Do you have Condition 8503 no further stay on your visa.  Do you want to know how to remove it? 

This article details:

  • what Condition 8503 means to you
  • the effect of Condition 8503 ‘no further stay’
  • how to have condition 8503 removed from your visa.

Condition 8503 no further stay – what is it?

Your girlfriend’s visitor visa might have condition 8503.  It stops you from making another application while in Australia.  Whether you get it, differs from country to country.  So, for example, visitor visas from Thailand almost always have 8503 on them.  This means that Thai visitors cannot make a new application while in Australia.  Unless they have the 8503 removed from their visa.

You might be looking to apply for a Partner visa – to let your girlfriend live in Australia – you will need 8503 removed before you can apply.

How can I have it removed?

We can remove the 8503 condition. So contact us. We can have it removed for you. So that your girlfriend can extend her stay in Australia. Or apply for a permanent visa.

An application to remove the 8503 condition gets Immigration. It must detail your reasons for having it removed. These reasons must be compelling and compassionate. So contact us if you need the condition removed.

It takes Immigration a few weeks to make their decision. If removed, then your girlfriend can go ahead and make a fresh visa application.  She will also not need to return to her home country.

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