Are you looking to get a work visa for your girlfriend or wife? This article details how to get work permission for your girlfriend or wife. You can get work permission by applying for a Partner visa. By applying for a work visa. Finally, you can add work permission to her visitor visa.

Apply for a Partner visa.

If you girlfriend or wife is in Australia then she can apply for a Partner visa. This will allow her to work in Australia. Your girlfriend’s work visa starts when her current visa runs out. By working in Australia she can help you with the costs of living.

Applying for aPpartner visa also allows your girlfriend to stay in Australia. While you wait, she can work!

Apply for a work visa for your girlfriend or wife.

If your girlfriend or wife has tertiary qualifications and work experience then she might qualify for a work visa. Contact us for details on how to apply for a work visa for your girlfriend.

Add work rights to your girlfriend’s visitor visa.

Your girlfriend’s visitor visa is likely to have a no work condition. It can be removed. You can make an application to Immigration to remove the no work condition. So that your girlfriend can work and help you with living expenses.

The application does require evidence. So make sure that it is done by a professional. This will also give your girlfriend the maximum chance of having work permission added to her visa.

We have written a detailed article on how to reapply after immigration refused your girlfriend’s visitor visa. You will need to sponsor your girlfriend. You can then add work rights to her visa once she gets to Australia.

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