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Dave’s Story

Hi I’m Dave and I wanted to share my story of losing my girlfriend. Don’t worry, It has a happy ending. Let me tell you why.Loosing my girlfriend AmiI manage refrigeration and mostly driving. It has a long day shift and at the time, I was trying to juggle a long distance relationship. I met Ami on a holiday in Vietnam about three years ago. I don’t want to get all emotional but she was the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Long Distance

Since then we made sure to chat everyday online. Our relationship grew stronger. I went over to see her a couple more times in Vietnam. We planned a holiday for Ami to come and visit me in my home town in Australia. I decided after two holidays in Vietnam, it was about time that she came out to meet the folks. Ami was really happy that she was going to see Australia and we were going to spend time together.

A Bad Choice

I was very busy in my work and made the wrong choice of thinking I could manage a Holiday visa application. Wrong! It took me ages to upload all the documents and I still wasn’t sure I had all the needed files for the visa application. After some tiring nights of struggling on the home computer, I took a risk and submitted my application. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I not submit the wrong files but I spent the application money and could never get it back. I was so worried about losing my girlfriend.

Goodbye Ami

The application was knocked back. I had to tell Ami that she could not come out here. She did not understand that I had got the application wrong. She thought it was her fault as she had supplied all the documents I asked for. We were stranded in two different parts of the world with no one to help us. What made it worse, was that I had promised her family she would come over and see me. I had also told everyone of my mates and family that they would be meeting Ami. It was a real blow, not to mention I was worried about losing my girlfriend.

Turn around

I was desperate to get to see Ami so I invested in a professional visa group who seemed really ‘with it’. They had a lot of experience with all sorts of visa applications. They explained to me that to reapply, I would have to pay the government again. That was more money down the drain! I would never DIY something as big as visa application again. I just couldn’t stand the hassle. Let alone the strain it had on my girlfriend and myself. I just don’t want tto risk losing my girlfriend.

This time was different

The application process this time could not have been more different. Instead of trying to work out what to do, I let the experts handle it. It was like skating on ice. The process was so smooth and handled really quickly. They were so helpful and I did not even have to go into their office. They handled it quickly through a phone call and a couple of emails. The turn around time was amazing. I even had time to chat with my girlfriend and tell her it was all going to be Ok. No more crying video chats, what a relief!

Happy Holidays

Within one month Ami and I were sitting across from each other enjoying fresh Aussie seafood and a cold beer together. We had a fantastic few months together. I don’t want to get mushy but Ami was the best thing that ever happened to me and I knew that I could spend the rest of my life with her. The next time I apply for a visa for her I will go with the same service. I’m not going to risk it again. Life is best kept nice and simple. I’m going to go with professional people I can trust to do the job right. I can spend more time with my special lady and less on paperwork. If you want happy holidays, go with a reliable visa application service – this way you don’t risk losing your girlfriend because of a visa application.

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