Married in Australia

When Rose and I planned to marry in Australia, we had to apply for a Visa for Rose. After asking around, a mate told me about Ozvisa Group. They easily got Rose’s visa and the whole process was very smooth. It was such a relief to hand the visa application over to the professionals.

Coming to Australia

Rose met up with me in January after her visa was all ok. We travelled around the coast of New South Wales before I had to go back to work. It was such a beautiful time in our relationship, and we were so pleased to finally be together without the hassle of international travel.


Rose wanted our ceremony on the beach so we asked Ozvisa group to handle the whole thing. We were so grateful to spend the time together and left all the hard stuff to the professionsals as I had no idea how to go about applying to get married in Australia when my wife was from the Philippines. We had a simple but great wedding on the beach at our favourite spot in Northern NSW.

Life in Australia

Now Rose is a special partner and member of my family. We can both work, happily married and living in such a special part of the world. She thought the whole process of Partner visa application and marriage ran smoothly and we are both happy with the service we got from Ozvisa. More than this we can be together and travel and work in Austrlaia. I can share my home town with her and she enjoys her life where we are a couple together.

Married in Australia: where to now?

Now we have the option to bring out more of Rose’s family . Rose would like her son to join her in Australia so we can be a family. We will cetainly go through Ozvisa again as it was such an easy and simple process with them. We can enjoy the time we have together and create a happy life in Australia.

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