Once upon a time

This is a story about easy visa applications. Tim met a beautiful lady on a trip to the Philippines. Her name was Genna and she worked in the conference centre Tim was visiting for his work. Genna and Tim began to date and Genna took care of all Tim’s days off in the Philippines. Genna taught him where to get the greatest food, the best shopping and the best beaches. They had an amazing time.

Making it Easy

Tim holidayed in the Philippines three more times and saw Genna every day. When he went back to Australia, he missed Genna and they talked online. Tim had to work and he wished he could keep things easy and bring Genna over to Australia for a holiday. Tim also wanted Genna to meet his family and friends. He couldn’t find the time or the information to help him apply for Genna’s Holiday visa.

Simple Hacks 

Then a friend suggested a great immigration agent and legal team to do the hard work for Tim and make sure to get it right with Genna’s visa. It sure did make things easy for Tim. Genna and he were holidaying together in no time. He got the agency to apply for another holiday visa because he had such success with the first one.

Its all about timing

Now Tim is looking to take his relationship to the next level. He wants to Genna to get a Partner visa because he is committed to their relationship. This will take a little more time to apply for at immigration. He has cut down his time through having all his documents prepared and ready to go with the agency he used for his holiday visa. Smart going Tim!


Tim and Genna can relax because Tim had the good sense to outsource his stress. Whilst he is working and maintaining his relationship with his special lady. He can be assured that the agency will be applying for a partner visa for him. Tim has peace of mind and wins at the visa application process.

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