WIth a New Partner Visa, Bea and Terry can now live together in Australia. They decided to give us some details about why they chose Ozvisa Group to handle their new Partner Visa Application.

Why we got a New Partner Visa for Australia

Bea and myself (Terry) decided it was time to commit to each other by getting a Partner Visa for Australia. We first met and had a great time in the Philippines. I had met Bea online and went over to meet her to cement our partnership. We were both in love and did not want to live apart. So a friend recommended Ozvisa Group to help us with all the processing of a Partner Visa application.

Why we chose to go with a Professional Service

I chose Ozvisa Group because my friend was very happy with them. They provided a professional  and friendly service.  I was working full-time and Bea was in the Philippines. It was hard to work out what I had to do to get a Partner visa. Thankfully, Ozvisa Group took care of the whole process.

Process of getting a New Partner Visa with Ozvisa Group.

All we had to do was give Ozvisa the go ahead and they led us through the process every step of the way. We did not want to make a mistake and not be able to see each other. I was not prepared to leave something as important as a Partner Visa to chance. It was really just one phone call and a couple of emails and Ozvisa Group took care of the rest so I could concentrate on work. Ozvisa Group had been successful in gaining Bea’s Holiday visa’s in the past and it was a no brainer to let them handle the paperwork for the Partner visa.

Happily ever after in Australia thanks to New Partner Visa.

Now Bea and I are happily living together in Australia thanks to a new Partner Visa. Ozvisa Group always provided respectful and friendly service. They took all the hard work out of the visa process and I would recommend them to anyone considering the next big step in their relationship.

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