There are two types of required documents for an Australian Tourist visa. First, there are the core documents that prove things like identity, financial capacity etc. Then there are other documents that show your reasons for travel.

Essential Required Documents

You need to provide evidence of your name, your address, your date of birth and your travel document (normally a passport).

Your financial documents are also necessary. So, provide a recent bank statement. If there is little money in the bank, then you should contact us. We can show you how to satisfy immigration, without providing a bank statement.

You must also show evidence of your employment. A letter from your boss stating your approved leave is good. This will show immigration you have strong ties to your home country and you are likely to return after your trip to Australia.

Again, if you have no job you should contact us. We have secured hundreds of visa approvals where the applicant has no employment related required documents. Be careful with employment documents because sometimes showing employment can work against the applicant.  Immigration will ask ‘if you job is so good – then why are you taking three months off’?

To get a visa without strong employment or money in the bank, there must be some other legitimate reason for travel.

Other Required Documents

You must show immigration your reason for travel is genuine. For example, if you are travelling for a conference, show your invitation. Show the company holding the conference is legitimate and that your current work relates directly to the subject matter covered in the conference.

Perhaps you simply want to visit your boyfriend in Australia. To spend time together sightseeing and getting to know each other more. Then you need to prove that your relationship is real. That your relationship is more than just an internet fling. That you will stay with each other in Australia. That he will support you.

So the required documents can change depending on the circumstances. One thing is sure through, you must back each claim you make with a document. If you say that you have been dating for six months, prove it! Show immigration a receipt from a hotel you both stayed at six months ago with both of your names on it. Then show ongoing communication, and further trips to see each other.

What if I can’t show a required document?

If you cannot show all of the required documents then you need to consult an expert. It is the job of a lawyer to persuade immigration. A lawyer is trained to do this – to advocate for the client. To present their case in the best way possible.

Lets say your girlfriend has no job and has no bank account. Then it is the job of the lawyer to write submissions to the immigration cse officer, highlighting how you are in a relationship, for example, and that your intentions are simply to further that relationship in Australia.

If this case sounds like yours then you will need a legal expert to present your case. If not, your visa will be refused.  You must argue your case to immigration. Show them and convince them. It is not enough to just apply and hope. You must persuade and the best way to do that is to use our professional service to lodge your visa application. That way you can be sure it will be approved.


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