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  • When it comes to getting an Australian visa for your partner its best to keep life simple.
  • Visa’s require so much documentation it can be overwhelming.
  • Here are 5 quick tips to keeping your stress down and getting your visa done right.

Quick Tip #1 to get your Australian Visa

Have all important life documents in one handy file. If you’re a wiz at scanning, keep a file on your computer as well. Paper tends to gain wear and tear, so a handy online file is important.

Quick Tip #2

Lifetime documents in other languages are great to have translated into English. Handy tip – often translation costs are cheaper overseas.

Research what is available in your local area or while you’re holidaying with your partner in their home country.

Quick Tip #3 to get your Australian Visa

Quick tip no three is to save time by employing an expert to get your Australian Visa. If you are juggling work and a long-distance relationship, give the job of visa application to someone else.

It’s all about delegating your time and making good choices with your future. Put an important application like this in the hands of a professional.

Quick Tip #4

Some documents don’t have to be signed by a J.P.  There are a list of official professionals that immigration will accept as a witness.

Ask your migration agent or lawyer for a list and save time. Don’t waste time trying to find a Justice of the Peace when you don’t need to.

Quick Tip #5 to get your Australian Visa

There are some things you can DIY and some things that you don’t have to in life. When we’re talking about a lifetime changes as serious as visas, it best to leave it to a professional.

Hire a migration agent or lawyer to apply for a visa. So you can enjoy your time knowing that someone with experience is getting on with the job.

Yes I know its the same as Tip #3 but don’t just give the job to any Migration agent, give it to a service that you can trust.

Ring them and chat to them on the phone. Make sure they are a professional operation with specific experience in the visa you are applying for and the country you are coming from.

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