How much money in the bank does my girlfriend need to get an Australian visa? I am often asked this question. So, I have decided to give you my experience and settle this question.

In this article I discuss:

  • visitor visa requirements;
  • does she need money in the bank;
  • sponsoring your girlfriend; and
  • ongoing financial support.

Visitor Visa Requirements

There are two main requirements to get a Visitor visa for your girlfriend to come to Australia:

  1. You need access to enough funds to show she can afford the trip; and
  2. She needs to show immigration the reasons for her trip are genuine and she will leave Australia on time.

Money in the Bank

It is not necessary for your girlfriend to show her bank account to immigration is she has a sponsor. This is because the sponsor can show the money in the bank instead.

The rules say she needs ‘access to’ money in the bank. So if you can convince immigration about the sponsorship, then they will be happy she has enough money provided one of you show you have it in your bank.

Sponsor your girlfriend

The second main requirement is that she shows immigration her reasons for travel are real. This is why you should sponsor your girlfriend.

By sponsoring her you can show immigration that your relationship is the reason for her coming to Australia. That she is coming to further your relationship and spend time with you – nothing more.

Most women, with little money in the bank, need a sponsor. Otherwise they will not get a visa to Australia.

Putting money in the bank

The next thing I hear quite often is that the sponsor can put money into her account, and this will convince immigration. WRONG!

Putting money into her account will have the opposite effect. If she is unemployed or has a low paying job and then you go and put a chunk of money in her bank it won’t help the application.

In fact immigration will see this as being an unexplained deposit. They will refuse her visa because they believe that you are doing something dishonest. You are trying to show them she has money in the bank when really she does not.

Sending money to her

Men who want to sponsor their girlfriend for an Australian visa often send money to her. If this is regular payments to help her with the costs of living, then this is a positive thing.

It shows immigration that your relationship is real and that you have taken your relationship to the next level.  It is normal for a man to support his wife financially. So, what you are showing here is that your relationship is genuine.

When you ask immigration for her to visit they will have no problem believing that her reasons for coming are genuine and that your financial support will continue throughout her stay in Australia.

I’m talking about small amounts though like $100/week – not big money but regular money. Remember if immigration suspect you are topping up her account so it looks better in the visa application – you risk visa refusal because of this.

What it all means to you

So what does this all mean to you? When it comes to making a Visitor visa application to Australia for your girlfriend – you need to act as her sponsor.

This way you can show her reasons for coming to Australia are genuine. Immigration will approve her visa this way. She does not need money in the bank if you sponor her.

You will not even need to show her bank account if immigration believe your sposnorship is real. You should get a free assessment on how to sponsor your girlfriend today. This way she won’t need to show money in her bank.

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