Myths about Long Distance Relationships

Research suggests that Long Distances can work. They can be successful. This is good news!

They say that ‘absence makes the heart go stronger.’ The facts tell the same story.  Couples are more likely to stay together in a long distance relationship. The fear of break up is just a fear.

Real success at Long Distances.

A long distance relationship can strengthen a partnership. Partners miss each other.  All time becomes quality time. Partners will take the time to contact each other. This shows they care. Sharing an online connection has never been easier.

Travelling in each other’s country can create memories. That’s why it’s important to get a holiday visa application right.  You can spend your time with your partner. Avoid the hassle of rejected visa applications. Get your holiday visa sorted. You are then free to enjoy your time together.

Five Ways to strengthen your Long Distance Relationship

1) Contact your partner. Make sure the contact is happy and positive.

2) Share photos, memories, letters together online.

3) Don’t  complain when you speak with your partner. Make online time a celebration.

4) Get professional help with visa applications. Give yourselves every chance to be together.

5) Plan your future together. Have a vision of how strong your relationship will be in the future.

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