A Filipino girlfriend often turns into a Filipina wife. So, is it better to marry in Australia or in the Philippines?

Marry your Filipino Girlfriend

Your Filipino girlfriend will normally come to Australia on a Visitor visa. You will stay together and further your loving relationship. Soon the question of marriage comes up. Then you have an option to marry in Australia or the Philippines. Which is easier? Which is faster? And which way gives the best chance your Filipino girlfriend will get an Australian Partner visa?

Is it easier to marry my Filipina Girlfriend in Australia?

There is no real difference in how easy it is to marry.  In Australia, you approach a marriage celebrant, sign a notice, and then 30 days later you marry.  The ceremony can be as big or small as you want. It takes about 30 minutes for less than $400.

In the Philippines, it will be cheaper. However, there is more documents to fill out. When you go to present your marriage certificate to Immigration, they will insist on a new copy.  A copy sent directly from the Embassy. That also cannot have been altered.  In Australia, your marriage certificate is good without needing to renew it like this.

Most people don’t consider what will happen if your relationship breaks down. Couples married in Australia can file for a divorce after 12 months of separation. This is quite easy.

In the Philippines it is almost impossible to get a divorce.  You need to annul the marriage. This can take years in court. So, on this basis, it is easier in Australia but most of us are not thinking about this when we go to get married!

Will marring my Filipino wife help us get Australian Permanent Residence?

Your Filipino girlfriend is eligible for a Partner visa while you are de facto (not married). You can also marry and then apply for a permanent residence.

Wherever you marry, it does help your Partner visa application. The requirements for de facto couples are harder.

Will her Partner visa be faster if married?

The partner visa is easier if you are married. So, if you marry before applying for her partner visa it will be faster. Immigration have less checks to do.

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