The things Australian’s share with Filipinos are very close even if we live far away.

  • In this article you will read about common interests
  • What we share that are the same in Australians have with Filipino’s

Filipino’s and Australians share a Sense of Humour

Both Filipino’s and Australian’s love to laugh. This trait is very much in common with both cultures. Both cultures share a great sense of humour and like to express this with friends. You will find friendly smiles in both countries. Each culture has the ability to take events lightly.

Filipino’s and Australians share a Love of Family

Filipino’s and Australians have strong ties with their families.  You will find these cultures focus on family in all ceremonies and cultural events.  Children and families are made to feel welcome in both places. When travelling in both countries there is plenty of child friendly places to stay.

Countries of Natural Beauty

Both countries share common traits with their country’s natural beauty. The Philippines is a group of islands and has many beaches to enjoy. Australia is also famous for its beaches and beach culture. Some Filipino houses can only be travelled to by boat. This makes travelling to theses places really special.

Love a Celebration Feast

Australians love a barbecue on a weekend and Philippines have the tradition of “Lechon’ a roasted pig on a spit. Many Filipino’s consider this to be their national dish. Both cultures enjoy eating with many family and friends.

Friendly Places

The Philippines and Australia are both really friendly places to travel and live in. Both cultures welcome guests with open arms. You will find yourself welcomed as a guest in a Filipino Home.

Australian states have been voted as most liveable places to stay in. The Filipino people are renowned for their hospitality and cheerfulness. When it comes to guests in Fillipino homes, you will always feel right at home.

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