A visa for my Filipino wife

Getting married to a Philippines wife

Are you married to a Philippines wife? Is your Filipino wife trying to come to Australia? Does your Filipino wife need an Australian partner visa? Is you Philippines wife already in Australia? If you are looking for a visa for your Filipino wife to live in Australia then I have put together a list of some of the things you can do to help get a visa for your Filipino wife to Australia.

Best Migration Service for my Philippines wife

If you are looking for the best Migration Service for your Filipino Wife, then look no further than the Ozvisa Group. We are partner visa and visitor visa specialists. So we can help you get your wife into Australia quickly. In mot cases we will have your Filipino wife in Australia within three weeks. To bring her to Australia will cost only $850.

Looking for a specialist Migration Service for Philippines based clients

I met my Filipina wife on the internet

Most Australian men and the Philippines wife actually met first on the internet. Today, it is becoming the normal way to meet and begin an online relationship. Others might have met in Australia while their Filipino wife was there on a tourist visa. Whatever your situation you can rely on Ozvisa Group to process your wife’s visa application and have her in Australia swiftly.

Can my Filipina wife extend her stay in Australia?

If you did meet your Filipino wife in Australia or perhaps you met online and she has come to visit you. Then she can extend her visitor visa while she is in Australia. You might want to extend her visa so you can spend more time together. Perhaps you need more time before you qualify for a permanent partner visa. Ozvisa Group will extend it quickly.

Which spouse visa does my Philippines wife qualify for?

Eventually you will want to get a permanent visa for your Filipino wife. The partner visa options can be confusing. The requirements are even more confusing. Ozvisa Group will take the stress out of your application for a partner visa. Contact us to get more information.

Getting a spouse visa of any kind is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Let Ozvisa Group take care of everything for you.

My Filipino wife and I need specialist advice

No case is easy but some are more difficult than others. Having a visa refusal in the past or being pregnant when you apply can create headaches.  You should consult a migration service that can offer specialist advice for your situation before you embark on the Australian visa journey.

Is there a visa for my Philippines wife before we are married?

If you are not yet married you can apply for a Fiance visa. So that your Filipina wife can come to Australia and then get married to you. Another way is to first get a tourist visa. We can give you advice from our years of experience in getting visas for Filipino wives.

My Filipino wife’s visa was refused – what can I do now?

Having a visa refusal can make future applications difficult. Normally a tourist visa refusal will not prevent a new application. A partner visa refusal in the past can limit your future options. There are also limits on the number of times you can apply – for both applicant and sponsor.

My Filipino wife is pregnant

pregnant girlfriend

If your Filipino wife is pregnant you can bring her to Australia to have the baby. The baby will then be an Australian citizen. We can organise for your wife to have your baby in Australia on Medicare whether she has applied for a permanent visa or not. Ask us how to have your Filipino wife give birth in Australia

How long will my Philippines wife’s visa take?

We will have your wife’s tourist visa to Australia completed and a decision from Immigration in three weeks. For Partner visas the normal waiting time is around 12 months. However, you can always bring her to Australia to stay with you on a tourist visa while you wait.

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