Where is the Happiest place on Earth? The answer is in this Article. Read how

  • Happy places are rated in world rankings
  • What country took out the prize in the past
  • How does Australia compare in the Happiness stakes
  • The best reasons for living in Australia

Australia has been voted in the eleventh place in the United Nations Happiness Report. Some of the factors considered in the survey are living standards, income and economy, social media, family services, health, mortality rates, crime factors to name a few. According to a survey of people done every year by the United Nations.

Happy Place

The most Happy Place last year was Denmark. Its a European country where citizens are apparently happy with their lot in life.  Denmark is famous for its Monarchy, equality, Lego and Hans Christian Anderson among other things. It might be a coincidence but it also has an Australian link to it’s monarchy with Princess Mary of Denmark originally from Tasmania. Scandanavian countries rank well with Sweden as number ten and Finland this year being number one.

What makes a Country a Happy Place?

According to the United Nations’ survey, equality and a balance between work and leisure are important rankings. As well as these factors.  Welfare for children and elderly people are considered generous in Denmark. Schooling and Higher education are free.  People participate in bicycle commuting and safety and security are high. All these factors contibute and make AUstralia on of the world’s Happy places.

Sad States

The U.S has low happiness indicated in the survey.  Many blame this on social media anxiety, lack of community connection, political unrest and addictions. From 1940 to 1970, the Happiness scale did not change in the US despite the GDP of the US increasing. It just goes to show that money doesn’t make you happy.

Australian Happiness

Australia has the highest population of citizens that were born in other countries. Our diverse multi-culture works well and we still rank in the top ten of World happiness-just! The editor of the Happiness report-John Helliwell said that happiness can be contagious and those people that move to a happier country report to be more happier than in the country that they moved from. Strong motivation to move to happier places. With Australian weather as it is, it might be a more appealing place to live than the snowy countries of Scandinavia.

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