In 2024, applying for an Australian visa for your girlfriend from the Philippines normally means applying for a Visitor visa subclass 600. This is usually the first visa for a lady from the Philippines. For people in longer term relationships, there are other more permanent options, however, in the early stages of your relationship, you are normally limited to the Visitor visa application.

When assessing Visitor visas, the Australian Government divides the world’s countries into 3 levels.

Level 1 – Countries like United Kingdom, United States, European countries etc.   The application process from these countries is easy.  An online application that takes a matter of minutes.

Level 2 – Countries that require a manual application and a case officer that looks at the application and makes a decision – rather than a computer. Countries here include, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Level 3 – Countries that require a manual application AND those countries have a statistically high occurrence of visa holders breaching the conditions of their visa or overstaying their visa in Australia.

The Philippines is a Level 3 country – this is why you should consider having your application prepared professionally. The application is difficult.

If your girlfriend is not working, self-employed or has a low income, then the application is even more difficult because the Australian government will be of the opinion, before they even look at your case, that she will end up doing the wrong thing.  Its like you have a higher hurdle to overcome just because of the country she is from.

This is not fair, but this is the system the Australian Government Operates if you want an Australian Visitor visa from the Philippines.