Due to Coronavirus – Covid 19, the Australian Government is recommending that no-one leave Australia. If you have a visitor visa that is expiring in the next 2 months then you will need to extend your visitor visa. While you remain in Australia.

Ozvisa Group understands that the Coronavirus pandemic is putting a huge strain on Visitors to Australia. The strain is also financial. Most visitors are nor stuck in Australia unable to leave. So far, the Australian government has taken no action to extend the visas of people visiting Australia.

Ozvisa has decided to drop our fee for extending a visitor visa by 50%. That means while the government travel alert level is at its highest rating (level 5) we will extend your visa for half of our normal price. You will pay only $330 to have our lawyer or Migration Agent handle your application to extend your visitor visa.  So that you can stay in Australia legally during the Covid 19 outbreak.

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