Thai Food in Australia

Thai food is important to your Thai girlfriend. When she comes to Australia you will want to be sure you can find her Thai food restaurants as well as for cooking at home. In this article you will find The best places to eat Thai in Australia The number one reason why Thai food

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New Sponsorship Rules for Partner Visas 2019

New sponsorship rules for Partner visa arrived in 2019. The changes significantly affects Partner visa applicants and their sponsors. Our senior immigration lawyer looks at the changes and what they mean to you. This article will discuss: the rules for sponsoring your partner as they currently stand; how sponsorship fits into the

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Happy Place: Bring your Girlfriend to Australia

Where is the Happiest place on Earth? The answer is in this Article. Read how Happy places are rated in world rankings What country took out the prize in the past How does Australia compare in the Happiness stakes The best reasons for living in Australia Australia has been voted in the eleventh place

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Seasonal Travel in Australia

Wow. Time flies when your having fun and you will have fun travelling in Australia any time of the year, read on for more details on Best weather in Australia What to do and see in any season What the greatest place is in Winter The best place in Australia to be in Summer

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Fiancé Visa

A Fiancé visa, also known as a Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, is a fast option to bring your girlfriend to Australia permanently. The Fiancé visa is part of the Partner visa family. In this article I discuss: why the Fiancé visa is a good option if you have a short relationship

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Easy Packing for Australian Holiday

You want clever tips on packing for your holidays. Look below for the greatest hacks in travel packing. Learn how to Place items easily Create light packing for carrying Travel better on planes Have peace of mind when your travelling Easy Packing for Australian Holidays It's easy to pack for a holiday when you

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Snow Holiday in Australia

In this article find out all about Best places to enjoy the Snow in Australia The number one tip in how to start to ski The greatest places to stay for a Snow Holiday Snow Season There are many places that you can go to experience the snow in Australia. The weather is getting

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Extend a Visitor Visa in Australia

Three months in Australia is never enough. You can extend your Visitor visa while staying in Australia - so that you don't have to leave. This article explains: when you can extend your Visitor visa; documents required to extend your Visitor visa; how long you can extend your Visitor visa for; the minefield that

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Best Places to Find New Love

Has your mother always told you not to expect find new love from someone you meet in a bar? We have all heard this advise over and over again right. Read Where the best places to find new love in this day and age are What research says about how to find lasting love

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Do it yourself Visa too risky

Do it yourself visa applications are less likely to be approved. Australian Immigration law is a complex area and applications that are self-prepared often come up short on appropriate evidence. Do it yourself jobs Some things you can do it  yourself in life. Like building a new outdoor barbecue or retro painting an old

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