Australian Visa for Cambodian Wife

Brian is a truck driver. He is an Australian guy. From the Gold Coast. His wife is from Cambodia. They have one son. His wife also has a daughter. Brian contacted the OzVisa Group: he wants his wife and two children to live in Australia. After all, they are a family.

Visa Application for Cambodian Wife

We then started work on the three visas. And submitted the applications on 20 April 2018. On 24th April 2018. Then, after only 9 days, we received approval of all three visas.

Brian couldn’t believe it! We then told him how to book flights. We also explained the conditions on the visas. Then when they arrived in Australia, Brian also decided to apply for Australian citizenship for his son.

Australian Citizenship Application

Citizenship for a child of an Australian sponsor is called citizenship by descent. It normally takes 3-6 months for approval. We lodged the application and it was granted 3 days later. We couldn’t believe it!  Brian couldn’t believe it!

Extending the Australian Visa for Cambodian Wife

Now that Brian’s son is an Australian citizen he can stay in Australia forever. Brian’s Cambodian wife and daughter still need a visa. So, when their first three-month visa was close to ending, we made an application to extend the two tourist visas.

Brian could not afford a permanent visa for his Cambodian wife. So he decided to extend their stay. So he could save some money. Brian is working while they stay with him in Australia.

Immigration approved new 9-month visas. So in total, their tourist visa for Australia lasts 12 months. Brian now has plenty of time to save for the permanent Partner visa application. Finally he can spend every day with his Cambodian wife and daughter in Australia.

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