Thai food is important to your Thai girlfriend. When she comes to Australia you will want to be sure you can find her Thai food restaurants as well as for cooking at home. In this article you will find

  • The best places to eat Thai in Australia
  • The number one reason why Thai food is so popular in Australia
  • What is important about Thai food

Thai Food in Australia

Thai food is easy to find in Australia. Australia has more Thai restaurants outside of Thailand than any other country in the world.  There are many award-winning restaurants and many fabulous small eateries that specialise in Thai food. Often the owners are from Thailand and really know how to prepare a proper Thai recipe.

Thai Food Harmony

Food for Thai people is about family, celebrations, good health and aesthetically pleasing. The colours on a dish need to be in harmony.  The flavours need balance , such as sweet with sour. They must appeal to the person eating the meal. Eating is a central part of Thai culture.  Extended families in villages often gathering to share food, produce and recipes. Thai food is a very healthy way to eat using fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables. The smell, flavours and variety of Thai food in Australia is very diverse and you are sure to find your favourite recipe.

Thai Food Stores

Most cities in Australia will have fresh produce that you can put in a Thai dish like Ginger, Thai Chillies, Lemongrass, Thai Lime and Coconut products.   Groceries stores import special products from Thailand. So you never have to miss your favourite food even when you’re far away. Even cooking utensils that are special to Thai food cooking can be purchased at these stores. You can catch up on the latest news from Thailand. Many Thai Grocery stores are run by people with Thai backgrounds, so you will be supporting Thai people by shopping there.

Asian Fusion

Australia is being influenced by many Asian food cultures. Thailand’s food culture is growing in popularity due to its delicious goodness. There are over three thousand Thai restaurants and takeaways in Australia. Australian’s love Thai food. With more and more supermarkets selling over the counter fresh products, its so easy to cook Thai recipes every day in Australia.

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